Know Just How Much Rain Has Fallen on your Yard

by Nick

Rain Gauge

The Rain Gauge looks just like an ordinary alarm clock but it’s actually a gadget that can capture raindrops to monitor the rainfall, a dream come true to any amateur meteorologists out there.

Besides tracking the rainfall daily or over a period of nine days, you can also track the amount of rainfall that has fallen since the last time you reset the Rain Gauge, and there’s even an alarm that will go off to warn you when a certain amount of rain has fallen.

The Rain Gauge is composed of a receiver and a remote collector that you place outdoors. They communicate with each other wirelessly using a radio signal, and can be placed up to 98.5 feet apart from each other. If you need any help to know how much rain has fallen, this gadget designed by Jacob Jensen is a sure shot. There’s also a similar gadget that can monitor the temperature.

Check it out at Dansk Design.

Via Prylfeber.

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