Crazy wave fun,, in a river!!!

by Fred

Banshee Riverboards  UpdatedBanshee Riverboards

I just recieveDo you have a flowing river 3 feet or more deep?

Does it have a large rock or a tree on the side?

If so, you’re ready to go Riverboarding.

To get Riverboarding you need the right gear, and that’s clearly a Banshee Riverboard.

To Riverboard , you wrap the release system around the tree or rock, then reel out the board with the power of the river current, leaning it into the current moves it downstream so that when you’ve pulled it out 200 feet you’re ready! Then lean right into the board and go for a ride!

It looks like an absolute blast! Check this video out for the real goodness.

Read on for more data and great pics, don’t miss the movies at the site either.

It also looks like I’ll get to give it a go before too long, so I’ll have to let you all know what its like!Banshee Riverboard

To date, I haven’t gone Riverboarding, but I sure do know some people who have. It turns out my buddy from back in the college days (read dorm life) is the owner and CEO there.

Why don’t you jump on the bandwagon and go get one.

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