Amazon offers E-Book reader

For those who prefer the feel of a book when reading, yet also want the convenience of being able to download their favorite title from a store on the internet, then an e-book reader is what is required. There have been a few of these around, but now online book store Amazon have produced their own e-book reader.

This is a clever move from Amazon known for selling books over the net, but they see where the market is going, so instead of letting others take business away from them, they bring in the Kindle e-book reader, which will consolidate their business to keep the customers happy in a hope that they stay loyal.

However with this reader the e-books can be downloaded direct to the reader, because it has software provided by Mobipocket included, this enables the user to download direct to the reader rather than downloading to computer and then transferring the file to the reader, these little things make all the difference.

With its release due any time now the reader may not be a runaway success, the cost is estimated to be around $400 (£200) and then there is the matter of connecting to the internet, what form will this take and the costs involved, downloading files takes time and can be disrupted on mobile networks.

The principle behind this is sound, the actual practice of downloading files and the costs involved are not quite as clear, which is a shame but no doubt things will become clearer upon launch.

Source [Electronista]