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Watching movies is a favorite past time for many people, but more often than not we have to contend with the plague/blessing of subtitles, depending on which camp you come from. While you have the option of turning off or choosing different languages when it comes to subtitles on a DVD from the comfort of your home, you don’t have that luxury when snuggling up with your mate at a local cinema. What’s a geek supposed to do then? Why, keep a keen eye out on this pair of Subtitle Glasses, of course! After all, there is nothing better than watching foreign films that has not yet been dubbed, relying on subtitles instead for understanding.

The Subtitle Glasses is a prototype device that attaches itself to your glasses, where the subtitle feed from a nearby TV or DVD player is projected onto the glass, making it work just like how your everyday heads-up display goes about its tasks. I’m not too sure how the subtitle feed is transferred though, but it would probably be via wireless technology such as RF in a large cinema or Bluetooth in a smaller room. In this manner, your eyes can watch all the action that’s happening on the big screen with its corresponding dialogue at the tip of your nose when and where you need it. The Subtitle Glasses also do not impose subtitles on people who feel it detracts from the complete movie experience at the same time.

There are no commercial versions available at the moment, only prototypes for cinema lovers. Chances are you will be seeing dumbed down consumer models before the year is over, and word on the street has it these Subtitle Glasses will retail in the $100 price range.

Source: Crunch Gear

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