Porto-Washer Saves the World From Disaster!

by Darrell

porto-WasherAre you sick of the old lady nagging you about washing the dishes? Tired of the old wrinkly dish-pan hands after 10 minutes of scrubbing the pots and pans? Sounds like its time for you to pony up $175.00 for a brand spanking new EdgeStar Portable Countertop Dishwasher or a cute French maid (whatever your budget can afford).

The porto-washer has the capacity to fit up to four standard place settings and operates right on your countertop. Plus it is billed as environmentally friendly for all you Greenies out there looking to save the planet from the evil Global Warming monster. GRRRRRRR!!!!!! The Ice Caps are melting! Al Gore SAVE ME!

It stands 18 1/2 inches high and can connect to pretty much any faucet set up. Meaning you can take it out camping if you’d like, perhaps it might seem a little awkward out there in the great wilderness with a dishwasher, but once you start the trend you know everyone will want one!

You can buy this bad little baby at Compact Alliance. I personally am saving for the French Maid, but that is just my preference.

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