Kodak gets fancy

by James

LCD Locket

The “1881” may look like an old heirloom handed down from generation to generation, but it’s actually a digital camera. This is the latest cool, yet functional design was sponsored by Kodak for a study on the future of wearable technology and designed by industrial designer Lindsey Picket. It’s a circular locket style digital camera that is described as a “high tech device hidden in a low tech disguise.”

This isn’t the first time that Picket has designed a gadget for a futuristic study. In 2005, Picket helped design an interesting cellphone for the Samsung Global Sponsorship.

The 1881, however, is much more ornate. Inspired by a sentimental connection between a favorite locket and the photos it contains, the 1881 allows it’s users to create memories and contain them in the locket’s lcd screen.

To capture a moment, it can be as easy as tapping the camera while in the closed position, or opening it up for a more classical photo composition with the LCD screen before shooting.

And it makes a handy piece of jewelry as well.

What’s next, those fancy glasses that double as a video camera that we say in Mission: Impossible? We certainly hope so.


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