Xent X3, a PMP with a Mondrian Complex

by Nick

Xent X3

The Xent X3 PMP takes its inspiration from the famous Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, borrowing the famous geometrical compositions for the interface. This PMP is one of those do-it-all devices with a GPS chip, a DMB antenna and a 7” LCD screen with an 800 x 480 pixels resolution. There’s also a remote control included, and a car stand.

The Xent X3 can handle DivX, XVid, WMV9, MPEG4 and MPEG2 files, and MP3 too, of course. Inside this PMP there’s an Alchemy AU1200 500 MHz processor and only 128 MB of DDR2 SDRAM and 32 MB of Flash ROM, but there’s an SD card slot to increase the capacity. The PMP runs on WinCE 5.0, and the battery lasts for about 3 hours which could be okay for watching a movie, but maybe not be good enough for the navigation system on that trip you were planning. The X3 has four speakers, two with 1.2W and two with 1.5W, and you can buy a nicely designed dock. This gadget is probably never going to be sold outside South Korea, but it looks cool nonetheless.

Xent X3

Read a complete review of the Xent X3 at PMP Inside (translated).

Via PMP Inside.

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