The Nokia 6120 : a revived classic

by Andi

Nokia 6120
Nokia seems to either want to sell some more stuff by building up on old products’ reputation, or they’ve just ran out of index numbers from their phones. Their latest announcement however promises a lot: a re-edit of the 6110/6120, a phone considered to be the best in its class (business class, that is) for quite a while after its release.

The old device had really good features for its time (WAP, E-mail, IR which you could use to print your e-mails, notes, business cards etc). This time, we get a 3G and HSDPA s60 smartphone, and all the goodness this implies.

Symbian s60 is the best smartphone platform of the moment. Not always the fastest, but far more stable than any WinMo device, even when abusing its multi-tasking abilities. There are tens of thousands of useful programs/fun games available, it packs excellent connectivity and multimedia packages and can generally replace a PDA. I’ve become a big fan of this platform over the years, and I really hate to see how underrated the devices based on it are. Here’s a short list of its announced features:

  • HSDPA which will work perfectly with the excellent web browser ande-mail clients integrated in the s60 platform
  • 2 MP camera on the back and front camera for video calls, 16 million colors QVGA display
  • 369 MHz ARM11 CPU and 64 MB of SDRAM (20 available to the user)
  • 35 MB available internal memory (from a 128MB NAND chip) and microSD card slot
  • The usual good multimedia features (mp3 player, realplayer for movies/audio, etc)
  • A set-up wizard, for s60 newbies and for a quick start

After watching Nokia’s smartphone trends, I think I can safely assume it will have at least a 330 MHz processor and 32 MB of RAM, plus a Transflash slot and Bluetooth 2.0

Press release, full details, via i4u news

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