Save water and money with Showerstart

by David

It has long been agreed that by taking showers instead of a bath saves water, this is because when you have shower the time taken is probably going to be less than it takes a bath to fill, therefore it stands to reason that less water will be used. Or does it? If like many households your shower takes a short while to warm up, then perhaps before getting into it the shower it is left running for a while in order for it to get the right temperature, so maybe having a shower does not save as much water as we all think.

Now this little device called quite simply Showerstart is designed to prevent water wastage, remember this is not just water, but hot water, so the cost is for both the water in the first place and then the cost of heating it which is normally a lot more expensive. Many people turn on the shower and let it run, they only get in as soon as the water reaches the desired temperature, but sometimes they may get side tracked into doing something else, or maybe there is a knock at the door or a phone call, but all the time the shower is still running.
The Showerstart somehow pauses the water flow when it gets warm, so there is no loss and it does not matter how long you are away, then when you are ready the switch on the side of the Showerstart is flicked and the showering can continue as normal. Also the hot and cold scenario should be a thing of the past too, so no more worrying about if someone else is going to turn on a tap and make the water cold.

The company estimates that the average family can save around $75 a year, which is great considering the cost of the Showerstart is around $40, it therefore pays for itself in around six months or so.

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EEJ Says: April 19, 2007 at 9:36 am

Our friend is very water conscious and keeps a watering can in her bathroom to catch all the cold water coming out of the shower head that would otherwise be wasted until the hot water comes on.

Not a gadget, but a great way to use that water to keep your plants thriving instead of watching it go down the drain.

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