Mouse Jiggler confounds PC user


mouse-jiggler.jpgYou know how work PCs are – leave them alone for a short while and you’re greeted with a screen saver or password entry screen. While the latter situation happens more for security reasons, it can get pretty frustrating after a while having to key in your password oh-so-often. The Mouse Jiggler would be the perfect device for preventing your computer from going to sleep, activating a screen saver, or getting it locked automatically as it randomly moves your mouse cursor around whenever plugged in. There is no need to install any software whatsoever – the Mouse Jiggler is truly a plug and play solution as it registers as a Human Interface Device (HID).

Features include a LED behind that counts the number of minutes the Mouse Jiggler has been working, although I believe that isn’t really important since what you’re more interested in it keeping your computer active. There are two versions available – fast and slow. The fast version will make constant large motions, making it obvious to the passer by that there is a poltergeist working on your computer. As for the slow version, it makes constant small motions that won’t interfere with your work even when it is plugged in, unless, of course, you’re a computer graphics artist who requires precise movement.

You know how mice act erratically at times, as in having the cursor jump all over the place for no apparent reason? You can now play a similar prank on your colleague or friends by hooking up the fast version of the Mouse Jiggler in your intended victim’s computer. Just sit back and enjoy the show while having a good laugh before owning up. Chances are you would’ve lightened up the situation in the office or received a black eye in the process, but that’s the price one pays for double-edged pranks. The Mouse Jiggler retails for $29.95 a pop, and I wish the manufacturer had just come up with a single model with variable speed settings instead of having two models. Capitalism at its finest!

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Brian Says: May 1, 2007 at 1:42 pm

this is for people that dont know how to just change the preferances so there computer dosnt go to sleep… wow

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