Tango Wings UMPC in the works


tango-wings.jpgWhile UMPCs are pretty computers to look at, most of them come with sacrificed functionality due to its small form factor that makes it easy to tote around without straining those shoulders. Some UMPCs lack a keyboard as you make do with the on-screen keyboard on a touch screen display, but that solution is far inferior to having your fingers fly across the keyboard in an effortless manner. For those of you who prefer to pick up a UMPC that features a full QWERTY keyboard, look no further. Known as the Tango Wings by Sungju, this UMPC comes with the QWERTY keyboard you yearn for, featuring a 7″ color display which we assume will have touchscreen functionality as well, a bunch of quick access keys along the piano black frame, and a directional pad which is mounted to the left of the screen instead of the right according to tradition.

While the assumption of a touchscreen is there, the presence of a full QWERTY greatly helps during moments when you need to type out a long article on the go or updating a website. This QWERTY keyboard can be hidden when not in use thanks to the sliding mechanism, and pulled out when you want to put those words in a digital format. An interesting aspect in the QWERTY keyboard’s design is the separation of keys in the middle, making it easier for your thumb to access some of the keys.

Eagle eyed readers will notice that there is a Windows button on the keyboard, making it a certainty that the Tango Wings UMPC will run on a Windows operating system of some sort. Whether it is Windows XP or the newly released Vista remains to be seen. Additional hardware specifications are currently unknown, but if it is going to run Vista, you can bet your bottom dollar that the innards will be pretty expensive.

Source: MobileMag

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