Real power outlets in your car

Coleman Powerworks Unit
I think I’ve covered a gadget like this before, but I just like these things to much to pass it up. They’re not even terribly cool looking, innovative, or fun, but they provide something that always seems to be missing in cars. What exactly is it? Well, obviously, a standard power outlet. Sure, you have those crummy cigarette lighter outlets, but you need special adapters and for those, companies charge you way more than they should. Although I just told you how terrible cigarette lighters were, they make this gadget from Coleman work, so they’re OK, not good, but OK.

In a nutshell, this gadget plugs into one of your car’s 12V cigarette lighters and converts all that lovely power into something useful, namely 110 AC. Then you plug your gadgets into one of the two three-prong outlets and enjoy some sweet power. There are a few other little features in this gadget — the mysterious LED light, replaceable fuse, grounded AC outlet cover, and a strap to hang it from the back of a headrest. But honestly, I stopped really caring once I heard it gave me two real outlets in my car. When watching DVDs, or listening to my iPod, or even doing work on a laptop, I never have to worry about power again.

$60 buys you (US residents) Coleman’s Heardrest Powerworks, which will give you real power in your car. Now, please, take note airlines, we want real outlets in the air, too.

Product Page – [via uber gizmo]

3 thoughts on “Real power outlets in your car”

  1. Yea, I can’t wait for American Virgin shows our crappy (US) domestic airliners how air travel should be. I am a human, not a package!

  2. I’m with you Neagle, and I’m sure if that option was available, tons of people would go for it. I vaguely remember a car that had one in it, a Pontiac I think, but it’s no longer sold. . .

    And definitely, we need real outlets in the air, it would make people so much happier. There’s nothing like power. 😛 (And lotso, I’m ridiculously jealous)

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