Office chairs become recliners … sort of.

by James

Angle Chair

Working 8-10 hours a day or more can really take it’s toll on the back and shoulders with your typical office furniture. Now, the latest in ergonomics design for the office changes all that … but at a price. The Stance® Angle Chair can be tilted to just about any angle – from a standing position, which experts say is good for the circulation and relieves pressure on the back, to the typical sitting position, and even the neutral position which is precisely in between.

Using three simple axis of seat height, seat-to-back angle and leg cushion – one need only use their fingertips to adjust the chair’s sensitive mechanism. The Stance Angle Chair then evenly distributes body weight for nearly any body shape and size, providing lumbar support in near infinite positions.

Footpads and chin guards comfortably prevent the user from slipping off as the angle increases, but the user will also need the TaskMate accessory to allow for keyboard and monitor to adjust as well, otherwise the ergonomic benefit is lost.

One thing is sure, at $1300, workers are going to have a hard time convincing the office manager to sign off on the purchase.

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