JVC Sound System Brings HDD, DVD and GPS to your Car

The JVC KD-NX5000 is a sound system for your car that manages to pack a 40 GB HDD, a GPS chip and a DVD player. Instead of having a motorized screen, this car stereo has a 3.5” LCD screen for you to watch movies and videos in DVD or DivX and find your way around with the satellite navigation system.

The KD-NX5000 was first introduced in CES 2007, and comes with a DS-TMC traffic tuner, and you can buy the optional Bluetooth KS-BTA200 adapter to connect to your cellphone and other compatible gadgets. You can navigate and play CDs at the same time, connect your iPod directly, and even install a rear-view camera easily. The GIGA MP3 MULTI can copy a 60 minute MP3 disc in only 1.5 minutes.

The receiver comes with a HDD with 40 GB of capacity: 24 GB for the music server that can store up to 5000 songs in MP3, WAV or WMA, and 16 GB for map navigation with more than 13 million points of interest. However, if you’re not planning on visiting all those places, you can erase the maps that you’re not going to use, and free up the space to store more of your favourite songs and videos.

Find out more details at JVC. The price tag is 799 Euros.

Via Daily Gadget e Tech Digest.