Floppy Indoor Golf Ball lets you practice without fear

floppy-golf-ball.jpgSo you’re an avid fan of golf, but how many times have you actually practiced your short game indoors only to have your wife yell at you for breaking her vase which has been handed down in her family for the past 10 generations? Chances are you won’t be getting any love that night (or the next few weeks for that matter), with the cold comfort of the floor as your bed in order for you to reflect on your foolish action indoors. Enter the Floppy Indoor Golf Ball that helps golfers worldwide practice their short game at home in peace, knowing that even wayward shots won’t result in broken vases which ultimately leads to a withdrawal of marital relations.

he Floppy is actually, in essence, a soft and pliable ball with a woven cover. The special materials that went into its construction and design will easily fool you into thinking it is an actual golf ball. The softness of the Floppy enables you to ingrain proper muscle memory when it is raining outside, or for times when you feel that itch in your swinging arm. The experience of hitting the Floppy is no different from that of an actually golf ball, so you won’t be thrown off balance in a real golf course situation.

The Floppy even rolls and spins like an actual golf ball, making your home practices a joy. Heck, why not introduce your wife to the wonders of golf with the Floppy as well while you’re at it? A box containing a dozen Floppy Indoor Golf Balls retails for $35.

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