Bringing new meaning to the “Flop shot” The Floppy, indoor golf aid

Typically, it’s not so good to be floppy. You can even ask Mr. Floppy, he’ll tell you.flight chart

In this case, it is a good thing, “The Floppy” is a practice golf ball made for indoor use.

That’s right, an indoor golf ball!

They’ve got a patented process for developing and producing these little beauties. Plus, what else are you supposed to do if you live in Santa Barbara? Surf, hang out in I.V., and make indoor golf balls, ahh that’s the life.

The good thing is it plays (rises and falls) like a regular ball, not like a weird physics defying whiffle ball (which are really only good for baseball/whiffle ball.cut away

They say that it won’t break windows or mar walls. You’re only supposed to use it with short irons though (think pitching wedge people). So if you’ve got a new big bertha you’re dying to try, go to the range, or bang it out the window of your 30th story penthouse office.

Seriously, I don’t mind,, though some others may (those on the streets below, your boss, you’ll now have a new wind noise in your office for the next 10 minutes while you work there until you’re fired, and or pushed out of it).

But yeah, indoor golf balls, WOW! Plus, a cool company name, Balls Out! (seriously, that’s the name of the company, how cool is that on “No Pants Tuesdays”)

Oh, and they’re actually affordable, $10.00 for a sleeve of 3 and a dozen (12) for$35.00 (both require 3$ shipping).

Thanks Uncrate

I’d like 5 points for forwarding the golf theme please.

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  1. Pretty cool, but I accomplish the same thing with little foam golf balls intended to be cat toys. They work great at improving your striking ability, and are so lightweight, you can use larger irons inside the house. Best part is I get 5 for $1 at the pet store.

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