The door mat that fights back

by David

Invasder Door Mat

There was a time when door mats could be seen outside almost every home and business in virtually every street, but for some reason the fascination of having a door mat that would greet visitors as they turned up at your front door, with a greeting such as “Welcome” or maybe a company logo, whatever the choice was, they do appear to have fallen out of favor, that is until now.

A French design team based just outside of Paris “La Tête Au Cube” have come up with an intriguing way to bring the underrated door mat back into favor with not just the teckie people but anyone who can remember the original computer game space invaders. Because there is a display built into the mat, which displays the little green aliens dancing up and down as they used to do, to everyone’s utter frustration. Now instead of just shooting them down you can wipe your muddy boots all over them.

Although I love the idea behind this, there are several things that need to be discussed, in order the power the display the matt requires two AA batteries, these have to be placed in the mat somewhere, so won’t they be a bit bumpy and what about when it rains? Another factor is that because this mat has a priced of around $110 are you really going to leave an expensive flashing door mat outside your house where anyone can just pick it up? I am a bit cynical there; of course the mat can be inside the door, but then who is going to see it?

Source: Gizmodo

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