It’s true! All that glitters is not gold

by David


The humble flash drive has come a long way over the last few years, there was a time when they were a serious piece of kit and had a price tag to suit, and yet now days the flash drive has had a bit of a makeover. It is possible now to buy some flash drives pre loaded with software solutions and in some cases companies are even giving then away with promotional material loaded onto them for people to watch in the privacy of their own homes.

It appears now that flash drives are being used to form part of a jewelry collection, is there nothing that cannot be covered with Swarovski crystals? As you can see from the image that these flash drives really live up to the name, Philips and Swarovski are now world famous for adding a bit of sparkle to everyday products such as cell phones and other electrical devices, this has come about from the rich and famous demanding that they need their gadgets to be a bit more exclusive than the average person has and they are prepared to pay for the privilege.

The Philips and Swarovski flash drives are covered in crystals and are made from very bright and shiny metal which all adds to the exclusive and of course expensive image, at the moment there are just for designs which follow a romantic theme, they are the Lock In, Heart Ware, Happy Heart, and the Lock Out. I like the look of the heart shaped ones, unfortunately at the moment there are no details regarding the storage capacity of the flash drives, only the price which is believed to be around the $200 mark and will be available from the usual outlets that supply the Philips and Swarovski ranges.

Source: Everything USB

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