Forza Ferrari! Ferrari Challenge in Sonoma California (and Massa won!)

by Fred

So if you’ve been reading here at all for a while, I’m a Ferrari and F1 fan. Ferrari challenge 2007

This weekend in Sonoma California there was the Ferrari Challenge, the series where they race 355s and also do runs with the FXX race series (they’re the Enzo in race shape,, amazing!).  There were also vintage races as well (separated by drum and disk brakes).

It was a great event and I finally got to see actual recent F1 cars in person and all the accompanying technology with them.

The really cool part is that the Piloti Corsa group was there(Ferrari’s in house group they send whenever someone with one of their old F1 cars goes out and drives).  It felt really cool to see a bunch of Italians (they were kind of stand-offish, I asked how the plane trip over was and got the “my english no good” from one of the engineers, so I didn’t push it) all in Ferrari Red (and their cool Puma white mechanics gloves, it was really cool. I don’t think they wear anything more than once, they were all so red and clean.)

to get to see all the gear that they use was awesome!  The lifts, the telemetry laptops, and all the air guns were awesome (there, gadgets, its an official post).

Go look at my flikr post here, there are a ton of pics I took so go check them out!

As we don’t get F1 out here on the west coast someday I’ll make it to Indy, Montreal, or Monaco, it was the next best thing. I can’t wait for next year!

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