Eco Friendly Volt Chevy

Volt Chevy

Not to sound like a tree-hugging hippie…but, in my opinion, which is pretty much regarded as fact in most academic circles, there is no reason the world should be so heavily reliant on one type of power source to run our motor vehicles. With the amount of scientific man power out there in this increasingly global community there is no excuse for being so technologically narrow. GMs E-Flex Propulsion System, found in the Concept Chevy Volt, could be a step forward in breaking the world’s reliance on gasoline.

Additionally, the Volt looks cool to boot! It has a sleek modern design giving it a sporty feel. The Chevy Volt can giddy-up using electricity, gasoline, E85, or my favorite biodiesel. The car is designed to drive up to 40 miles solely via electricity and can be recharged via a common 110-volt household outlet. The battery pack provides power to a 161 hp (120 kW) electric motor that’s connected to the front wheels to provide the motive force. It’s the same motor that’s used in the fuel cell Equinox.

Unfortunately, these sorts of concept cars placed on the market have a long history of failure (see GMs EV1). Let’s face it, the world is resistant to change and good ideas often get rolled over by greed, disdain, mismanagement, or simple consumer ignorance. There are no definitive plans as to when the Volt will be rolled onto the market, but I’m hoping it’s soon!