What happens when the dog goes over board?

by David

Dog Life Jacket

It must be a dog owners nightmare, you are out on your yacht the sun is shining and the drinks are flowing, when suddenly poor old poochie accidentally jumps over board, maybe he saw a stick floating by or something, never less what do you do now? Remember that every minute that passes the further away he is going to get and the less chance of him being found.

Well fear not, there is a very simple and effective solution, which will save poor old poochie and make it much easier for you to find him. The pet life vest is a fitted jacket for dogs, which acts as a floatation device should the dog fall overboard, this will help the dog stay afloat while the owners put their rescue plan into action.

The vest is comes in a bright blue and green color for high visibility and is made from heavy duty materials that will stand the test of being submerged in the water, this will make the rescue easier and safer for the owners, there are two strap type handles on the back, which will help the owners to simply lift the dog out of the water, similar to picking up a bag of shopping. However there is a caution that dogs with shorter legs may not be able to use this, so it may be worth checking first.

The prices for this jacket varies according to the size required, for the small jacket the price is $22 and for the XL size the price is $35 plus shipping of around $6.

Product Page: Chimp Feet via UberReview.

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Neagle Says: April 13, 2007 at 8:36 pm

Not a bad idea especially if you have an older hunting/camping dog that may not have endurance he/she used to have. I can also see a use for emergency service dogs.

william Says: July 30, 2008 at 1:39 am

not a bad invention

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