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revfire.jpgThe baseball season is looming just across the horizon, and whether you are ready or not, families are already warming up for a whole new season of hits and misses. Dads and their kids will be warming up in the field, winding up their arms to throw some (or at least try to) curveballs at one another while having a time of great fun and family bonding. For those who take things more seriously and have dreams of making it to the major league one day, there is the RevFire system that will help you realize your dream to a certain extent.

This system utilizes proprietary balls of its own, where the monitoring system is capable of displaying the speed and spin rate after each toss of the RevFire ball. All relevant data, from the number of tosses, spin of each session, as well as maximum speed are logged into the system for further analysis later on. The RevFire is smart enough to track multiple balls used within the same area without experiencing any conflict. It features a spin rate measurement from 4 to more than 50 revolutions per second (RPS), boasting an unerring accuracy of +/- 0.25 RPS.

This unique system is way easier to use than a radar gun, and coaches (as well as dads who have the knack for spotting talent early on) can monitor anyone within 40 feet of the catcher, while pitchers can relax knowing they don’t have to look into a radar gun. In fact, the RevFire works great as a progress tracker since you can’t really argue with an improvement in figures even though you might feel otherwise. The RevFire baseballs come in the official size and weight, but make sure you don’t use them for hitting.

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