Dig & Sit – A Sofa for the Beach

Dig & Sit

If you enjoy the beech and days at the seaside but aren’t so keen on getting sand in every nook and cranny the answer is at hand courtesy of the Dig & Sit inverted sofa.

To use simply find a suitable spot on the beach (near the beach volley ball is often a good spot), dig a small trench, unpack the Dig&Sit “designer” sofa, sit down and enjoy the view.

You can get the Dig&Sit from Pro-Idee for £77.50 (~$150), though you could also get a big sheet of polythene from your local DIY store for a whole lot less.

2 thoughts on “Dig & Sit – A Sofa for the Beach”

  1. Of course you can buy 2 big sheets of nylon (not polythene), All you have to do: coat is with a pu lining, stitch in isolationfoam for cushion, insert stainless steel eyelets, buy a shovel and 4 aluminum pegs…..And last but not least make an adjustable backpack to fit it all in. Come on!!!

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