This iPod Dock Will Wake You in the Morning

by Nick

Logic3 i-Station IS10

Do you have some problems waking up in the morning? Logic3 don’t want you to lose your job, or anything like that, so they just released the i-Station IS10, the newest clock with an iPod dock in the market. This clock was designed to wake you with the sound of your favourite songs in your iPod’s playlists, a traditional and annoying buzz, or the radio station of your choice.

The i-Station IS10 comes in black and white versions to match your iPod, has an AM/FM tuner and a remote control. You can set two alarm times, so it can wake both you and your companion, if you get up at different times. This compact clock has a nice backlit LCD screen that can be dimmed so it will not keep you awake at night. And yes, if you want to sleep a little bit longer, you can hit snooze in the remote control.

The IS10 has a built-in battery, so it will still awake you even if there is a power shortage in your house. You can connect your clock to your PC and Mac to sync the iPod. You can use other MP3 players thanks to the line-in connector.

The Logic3 i-Station IS10 will be shipping in May wit a price tag of £70, and that’s not too much to pay for never going to sleep longer than you should again.

Via T3.

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