Polaroid’s Media Digital Backup

by James

Polaroid Backup

The second digital cameras became popular; your basic Polaroid land camera became the 8-track tape deck of the new millennium. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, Polaroid executives began to branch out and embrace the digital age. Sure, they still make instant print film for those who can’t give up their habit of flipping a photo back and forth to make it dry. But Polaroid also now makes digital cameras, printers, dvd players, digital photo frames, digital, Printers, Scanners … just about ANYTHING with the word digital in it!

In that spirit, they have come up with a nifty little device aptly named the Polaroid Digital Media Backup. It’s a 40GB hard drive, which automatically backs up any photo that is located, on your PC.

And you don’t even have to touch a button to do it. You simply hook it up and let it do its thing. It’ll search, copy and store with no software to install, and no extra cables to buy (it comes with it’s own USB cable, a rarity).

Other features include the ability to email images to friends & family, burn CDs directly from the media backup device, and easily organize and share photos through Polaroid’s online service.

All for about $120.

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