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massage-dvd-chair.jpgThere is nothing quite like coming home after a hard day’s of work, sitting down in your living room and enjoying your favorite movie or tunes as you wind down for the night. Of course, this experience is made all the better if you had somebody giving you a back rub (preferably by a hot young thing), but if that is unavailable at the moment due to your single status, you always have one of those newfangled massage chairs. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds with this DF-1688F-3 DVD Massage Chair?

The DF-1688F-3 DVD Massage Chair comes with a 170 degree recline for an extremely comfortable massaging experience, while the presence of a drinks tray ensure you will be able to reach out for your favorite beverage any time you start to feel thirsty. There is also an advanced multi-function color LCD control panel that enables you to keep tabs on each and every function available with the DF-1688F-3 DVD Massage Chair. The integrated DVD player is complemented by the presence of a loudspeaker and a pair of HiFi earphones to give you a private entertainment experience.

The DVD Massage Chair comes with a quartet of massage balls in the back that will be able to simulate the experience of kneading, tapping, and finger pressing from your neck to your waist. Air and vibration massage techniques are utilized in the cushion and thigh position, while both calf and feet are treated to just air massage. There are five automatic programs to choose from if you’re too lazy to customize one for yourself.

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EEJ Says: April 12, 2007 at 7:53 am

“Integrated DVD Player”, but it only has speakers and no screen??

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