The Nixie Tube Clock

by Andi

Nixie Clock

Nixie tubes are among the coolest retro electronics ever. Clocks based on them have been made by enthusiasts and by different companies, but this one’s the king. Sleek, well-made and precise.

Let’s start with what we see: the materials and lamps. There’s no plastic, the casing is made out of massive cherry wood and a plate of beautifully-reflective anodized aluminium, and the tubes are amongst the clearest and best-looking ever. The warm glowing digits are 0.61”/15.5mm high, and the clock can be set to display 12/24h time (with the possibility of suppressing leading zeroes) or the date (both in dd/mm and mm/dd formats, for worldwide compatibility).

Now for the works: the ‘ultra precise real time clock’ has an accuracy of 0,0003s/minute (that’s actually 3 sec/week, just like a run-of-the-mill quartz clock). The ‘state of the art circuitry’ allows for some interesting features:

  • Cross fading: there are several modes available
  • Power down mode: for power and tube life saving, you can turn them off, leaving only the clock on
  • The user settings are always stored
  • It even has an alarm
  • A backup battery keeps the clock alive for 10 years with no external power

You can pick up this average-sized (22,5 x8,9×9 cm) but timelessly cool clock at for a hefty $385.

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KJH Says: April 10, 2007 at 8:05 pm

Mr. Alex over at Geekfoolery actually did a nice write-up about 2 weeks ago of his discovery and purchase of a Nixie Tube Clock.

andi Says: April 11, 2007 at 7:07 am

KJH: i din’t see that one, thanks for telling.. the clocks they wrote about are from another company, and a bit older than this one. and, of course, not as cool and shiny 😉

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