Sybaris – The Motion Simulator Chair

by Mike D

Sybaris Chair
If watching The Matrix on a 70” flat screen with Bowers and Wilkins surround system doesn’t provide enough of the kick you are looking for, consider sitting yourself in a Sybaris. From a UK company called Armed Chair Motion Simulators comes this chair with an internal PC-powered motion system capable of 600 pounds of lift and 2Gs of force. For $5999, you can sit yourself in a very modern looking recliner that will bump, rock, jump and move in perfect timing with most movie action sequences.

You will need to hook up a digital audio cable from your DVD player to the motion controller in the chair. From here, you can download new movies via any broadband connection. The newest model actually has an “automatic update” feature similar to Windows that will automatically download any updated movie motion data files that the manufacturer has added to their compendium of titles. Currently, the chair comes in 83 colors and two leather finishes and the movie library contains over 550 titles that have been expertly sync’d to the chair. The hope is, of course, that if this chair produces the effect that users claim it does, that the fabric will resist any spills of refreshments. Perhaps that is why it doesn’t come with cupholders.

More info and availability of the Sybaris over at Armed Chair.

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