Extremely low tech and functional

Bag Carrier
There’s nothing more painful than 20 pounds of groceries digging into your fingers from the ten crunched up plastic handles as you carry those bags into the house all at once. In fact, that painful sensation is the only thing I hate more than having to make multiple trips from the car to bring in those very same groceries. So, what’s a man to do to spare having to make that long and arduous thirty foot trek back to the car for the rest milk, eggs, and toilet paper?

Well, it may not have a processor or play mp3s, but the Grocery Bag Grip does have it uses, especially if you have several dozen bags of groceries to carry and only two hands to carry them with. Made of strong ABS plastic, the One Grip can carry up to eight bags each while you enjoy the comfort of the rubberized handle. This is accomplished by locking anything with a handle in place with its grip lock thumb tab.

And at $12.99 for two, they’re a pretty big bargain themselves.

But too bad they don’t have a mp3 player built in. That would be the bomb.

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  1. Mmm, those looks pretty nice. And I know what you mean, there’s nothing worse than having to make a 2nd trip, especially when you have to go back for 1, maybe 2, bags.

    I want them.

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