Solar Powered Grill

by Mike D

Solar Powered Grill

If “An Inconvenient Truth” got you thinking about putting a solar panel or wind generator in every corner of your life, here’s one place to start. Tammock Trading and Marketing, a Swiss company, has invented the first, powerful solar-powered backyard grill.

The same concept that enables you to fry insects with a magnifying glass is employed here – a concave piece of metal is coated with a mirror that focuses the rays on a long shelf-like piece in the middle that can cook just about anything. It looks like something out of a highschool science project competition but with a practical, “green” twist. I was told that on a very sunny day, with the grill appropriately positioned in the right direction, the grill will heat up to the point that you can actually burn your food quickly if you are not paying attention. There are no statistics available for how hot it actually will get in the center, but I am sure some of the grillers out there (myself included) will try to break some records when this guy comes out of the box.

Unfortunately, you might feel emasculated by the lack of the familiar smell of mesquite charcoal, but if you live or camp in an area that forbids fires, here’s a solution for about $240 (180 Euro).

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