Mouse Cart, the fun way to pick in a warehouse

Ohh, warehouse work. It’s never a real delight, but it’s a way of life for nearly every company. Traverse around,mouse cart find the part you need, come back, ship it. That’s the order of things.

There’s a company in Fresno, California called Mouse Cart, that makes a great solution for this. It’s fun, and rides like a scooter. There’s no engine, (one quick stroke and off you go). They’re really sturdy, (the front is a big roto-molded piece). The base is steel plate, and all the bearings are very heavy duty.

To get around and cruise through a warehouse, there’s truly no better way. They roll fast, and well, are far more fun than you’re supposed to have in a warehouse. More importantly they reduce picking time by a lot, especially inmouse cart diagram bigger warehouses, plus you don’t have to pay the added expense of fuel, or heavy maintenance costs. Besides, who needs a forklift if you’re picking something lightweight? You just don’t want to walk that far, and you can do it while carrying quite a substantial load!

Companies like Honda, HP. Amazon, and many others already use it.

They’ve got a great try and buy program, (try one,, then get a fleet for your warehouse!)

I’ve ridden these plenty, and let me tell you, this is one gadget that is perfect for the job at hand (and a ton of fun!)

Make sure you turn down the music when you get to their site though!

Check them out! (Tell Don and Tom Fred says Hi!) They ship internationally too!

They’re at mouse cart in use

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