CD Jewel Box takes on digital concept


concept-cd-jewel.jpgAny serious music lover would definitely have built up a sizable collection of audio CDs over the past two decades, and while the CDs sound as good as they were from the first day of purchase, the same might not apply to the CD jewel cases and album art. Chances are these cases will be scratched or even cracked, while the album art and inserts would definitely have received some dog ears through a regular thumbing process from yourself and friends who borrowed part of your collection. How about having a single CD jewel case that stores all your album art without the dangers of getting damaged? David Friedman thought of this concept by working on a digital CD jewel case.

This concept enables you to just sit back and enjoy your music while admiring the album art of the current playing song. It can be placed on its charging stand next to your computer and connected to any available WiFi network, synchronizing with iTunes to download the corresponding album art and notes for your reading pleasure. What’s more, this concept digital CD jewel case doubles up as an infrared remote, enabling you to control song playback.

The device is also smart enough to be aware whether you’ve changed the albums or not, displaying the next album’s liner notes and track listing in the progress. Whenever it remains idle (as in no music playback), it will just act as an ordinary digital photo frame. Hopefully a hardware manufacturer will look into this idea and pick it up for mass production.

Source: Gizmodo

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