Watto’s brother must live in North Hollywood, Norton Sales

by Fred

Sure, you remember Watto, he owned a little boy you’d later know as Darth. He sold a hyperdrive to some guynorton logo named Qui-Gon Jinn. He had hooves,, yet he could fly (umm,, no one ever mentions how oxymoronic this is,, it’s like a vegetarian with teeth like the baddies from Alien!)


Anyway, there’s a place called Norton Sales Inc. that makes Watto’s look like a dump.norton rockets yeahnorton rockets


Wait,, I mean, that it’s a dump full of old space junk.


No wait,, by old, I mean fairly old. You know, if you need a replacement X-15 XLR99, because the one you were using is all ‘sploded. Well now you’ve got the right place to go!

I’m pretty sure that the next time I head down south (probably for a wedding) I’ll be swinging by. Gadget destinations are typically pretty hard to come by, but when you find them,, well, you’ve just got to make the trip.

There’s no real way to begin to show you enough images of how cool this place must be in person. There is however a great link to some pictures of the Norton facility and just how utterly cool it all is.

You’ve heard of people going into a junkyard and driving something out. Well,,, just imagine,,, ok there are really no superstructures, aerodynamic surfaces, or landing assemblies to speak of, but there’s got to be something younorton storefront can make there and ride out!

Thanks to the amazing folks at Neatorama who always bring a bevy of goodness wherever they blog.

Here’s the link straight to Norton Sales Inc.

Here’s the link to some sweet pics of the facility!

If you need any more coaxing, here’s a small list of the various types of parts available at Norton’s.

Rocketry (yeah, they’ve got old Apollo stuff)

Servo Valves

“Old School Hydraulics” I can only imagine!

Stunt Equipment, and so much more!!

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