ShaveMate shavers come with hidden compartment


titan-shavemate.jpgRoad warriors can tell what a pain in the ass it can be when it comes to packing toiletries. Even then, one has to keep careful track of one’s toiletries and the remaining supply since it can be very easy to overlook at item only to realize at the eleventh hour, by then which it would be too late. The shaver is one invention that both men and women love, as it helps erase the five o’clock shadow that forms almost overnight as it the hair there has got a life of its own, while ladies love preening themselves while ensuring there’s no unsightly body hair hanging around those lovely legs. ShaveMate has a Premium All-In-One Razor that offers something no ordinary shavers can (and we don’t mean an image of David Beckham on the shaver’s box) – a built-in compartment that contains real shaving cream.

This premium razor comes with specially formulated lanolin-enriched shaving cream inside its handle, where at the touch of a a button, some shaving cream will be dispensed for you to slather all over your face for an instant shave. This takes some pressure off when packing for a road trip, and frees up more space in your luggage. Granted, a tin of shaving cream won’t amount to much but at least you have that extra bit of space to cram in a book or an additional power adapter.

This razor boasts S-3 Flex Neck Technology that maintains even pressure for a smooth, close and comfortable shave while the patented Aqua Flow Blade Rinse channels water out through the blades for hassle-free cleaning. Ladies also have their very own version, known as the Diva. Both the Titan and Diva are readily available at the moment, retailing for $3.99 and $2.99 respectively.

Source: Book of Joe

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