Samsung says “Shhh!”


samsung-spinpoint.jpgSamsung seems to be a company that has dipped its fingers into so many divisions and sections with much success – just take a look at the array of LCD and plasma TVs, cellphones, digital cameras, flash memory, MP3 and MP4 players, and computers that flood the market bearing the Samsung name on the outside and Samsung components on the inside. Those familiar with computer hardware will be pleased to know that Samsung has recently debuted its latest addition in the SpinPoint line of hard drives, offering unprecedented quietness despite operating at high speeds.

These new Samsung SpinPoint S166 hard drives are of the 3.5″ variety, and feature updated versions of Samsung’s low-noise technologies known as SilentSeek and NoiseGuard. According to Samsung, this new drive will be able to produce up to 15% less noise when compared to other similar 7,200 RPM drives that are available in the market. For instance, its 80GB and 160GB hard drives are capable of producing a mere 24dB and 27.5dB respectively which are lower that its competitors which on average produce 28dB and 32dB.

In addition to mere quietness, the new SpinPoint hard drives feature technical improvements that were designed to boost speed and reliability including fly-height adjustment technology, optimized actuator assembly, and an upgraded controller. Chances are home theater PC enthusiasts will be looking forward to the new SpinPoint line of hard drives due to its reduced noise. All of the new drives will ship with 8MB caches and are available in SATA 3.0Gb/sec. (with NCQ support) and PATA versions. Pricing details are unknown, but they will be released later this month.

Source: Sysopt

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