CTIA Wireless 2007 News: Round 1

by Tiago

Pantech C510

The CTIA Wireless is a show made by CTIA (duh) which is a non-profit organization. In this event the main talk and presentations are all about (wireless, broadband convergence and mobile computing technologies) cellphones and gadgets alike, so I will try to come up with the coolest mobile phones that were displayed in this year’s CTIA Wireless Show that ended a few days ago and took place in Orlando, USA.

To start things in a nice mood we got a good looking music phone made by Pantech, it is codenamed C510.

Since it is a “flip” phone it obviously has 2 different displays:

  • one on the outside being a LCD with a 96x16pixel resolution, it displays information about the song you are listening and is placed right next to the track controls.
  • and one in the inside which is better than the previous of course, it measures 1.8-inches and has a 128×160 resolution.

I think that besides the usual features it has (camera, bluetooth, etc) there is an important aspect to make it a cool music phone, and the colors (light green, silver) are also appealing.

Helio Ocean
Helio Ocean

Here is a cellphone that you don’t see everyday, the Helio Ocean. It contains a dual slide feature for when you want to use the phone keypad for small and easy tasks, and the other options is the “big” QWERTY keyboard for actions that take longer and need more details.

This is more than a simple cellphone as you can see per the image, consider it a feature-packed handset with plenty of good stuff to offer such as a full HTML browser, an easy way to search online with google, yahoo and others, inclusion of Google Maps, and GPS system. There is much more on the Helio Ocean

[Source: MobileBurn]

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