One for the Girls (and Glams) Digi Makeover


Digi Makeover

This is one of those gadgets that my 9 year old daughter would absolutely love (and I wouldn’t borrow), the Girl Tech Digi Makeover, a way to test how make up looks on your face on your TV.

To use you take a photo of your face using the built-in digital camera, connect it to the TV and then try out different hair and make up styles to see which suits you best (or to see how stupid you’d look in Goth make up and pic tails (if you’re a Goth with pig tails reading this then I’m sorry about that)).

If I was the kind of person that starts my Christmas shopping early this would be on order now but as I’m not I’ll just wait for the Christmas eve jostle. You can get the Girl Tech Digi Makeover in the UK from Argos for £59.99.

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Cutie Says: April 9, 2007 at 5:44 am

Innovative item for girls. It’s really fun but I think we will get bored easily..

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