Buddha Clock tells time serenely


buddha-clock.jpgEverybody needs to have a sense of time, if not they will probably run mad after a while. Time is what keeps us ticking, looking forward to the next paycheck, counting down the days before the weekend arrives, anticipating the date of birth of your first (or even 20th, it doesn’t matter) child, and even planning out your big day. Let’s face the fact – without time, the entire world would turn into chaos. While the very thought and concept of time is vital to keep us humans moving forward with a sense of purpose, most of us look at our clocks while accumulating unhealthy levels of stress. For instance, we tend to get all tensed up whenever we are about to be late for our appointment, or start shaking in our knees the moment we hear that there’s a 100-page report to be handed up within three days’ time. What better way to take a more relaxed approach toward life (and buying more time in the process) than with the Buddha Clock?

This unique gift is available in different color combinations (choose from red, yellow, or purple robes), featuring the deity that Buddhists worship. The Buddha Clock aims to project a sense of peace, comfort, and digital time throughout 24 hours via his extremely generous girth. This easy-to-read LCD display is accompanied by push button programming that enables you to set the time in a cinch. Each $12.95 purchase comes with a battery inside, so you’ll just have to work on the meditation part before ascending to the heavens and enjoying the sense of ecstasy only nirvana can offer. In the meantime, remember that time is running out for you to get one while stocks last.

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