A plethora of cardiac monitoring devices

cardio-wallet.jpgWhen you talk about cardiac monitoring devices, most of the time the image that comes into mind is some bulky piece of electronics. The CardioPocket aims to change that image by offering a leather wallet that can be used to carry bills, credit cards, ID, and other wallet-y items, doubling up as a 1-lead ECG transmitter which can be used to diagnose heart rhythm disturbances. The ECG transmitter within will be able to encourage the subscriber to pick up the phone and contact the Monitor Center pronto whenever any discomfort arises. All the user needs to do is place the wallet against the chest while using a cellphone or standard telephone to transmit a real-time ECG strip within seconds for an immediate consultation.

Another device is the TeleMarker, a patient-level transtelephonic cardiac blood testing device that is capable of obtaining a precise blood sample while performing an accurately timed analysis of multiple critical “cardiac markers” that measure up to laboratory standards. The visual results will then be transmitted to a qualified medical monitoring center via telephone to give the patient proper care.

Last but not least, the LidoPen is an auto-injector for patients to self-administer lidocaine while waiting for an ambulance. This device will come in handy where a severe arrhythmia is diagnosed by Monitor Center staff. Each LidoPen comes with a single 300mg dose of Lidocaine to provide an almost instant relief from ventricular tachycardia until a qualified professional arrives on the scene. There is no word on how much all the above three devices will cost, but looks like healthcare is getting more and more complicated these days, leaving us with even more gadgets to recharge the older we get.

Source: Medgadget