The newest theories on building the great pyramid (in 3d!)

by Fred

What?! Pyramids?! On a gadget blog?!


Yes, here’s why. A French archaeologist Jean-Pierre Houdin teamed up with Dassault Systems (they make Solidworks, my favorite 3d modelling software) to showcase Houdin’s newest theories about how the pyramids were made. It tips a lot of the older theories of construction on their heads.

Houdin’s theories are rather impressive, simple, and direct at demonstrating how the great pyramid could actually have been completed. A combination with clever pulleys, counterweights, sledges, lifts, and internal ramps that protected workers from both the sun and loose debris from outside. Check out the 3d presentation over at Dassault Systems.

They have a great new browser plug-in as well (you’ll need it to view the animations) that allows you to both watch their presentations, and to interact and cruise around in their 3d animations. It’s a really sweet piece of digital kit.

It’s out there all over the web, but I’m shooting the thanks out to Reuters because they bothered to make the link available to view the findings. I’d really recommend reading their article too, it’s really something.

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Mike Says: April 1, 2007 at 6:24 pm

Awesome! A friend sent me a text-only article from a news site last week about this and after reading it, I was left thinking “I wish I could see this visualized.” Looks like I’ll be checking this out in a few minutes!


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