Write as rain! Write in the shower (or other wet places)

by Fred

That’s right, maybe you’ll be in Kuala Lumpur for the next Formula one race in a week making me jealous. While there it’s likely you’ll be standing in some torrential downpour. Rather than getting out your MPoleskine or Palm pilot, why not go with a Rite in the Rain notepad?Fear no Rain

Why,, because it’s waterproof! Umm,, that’s about it. But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Ben over at The Consumerist believes in testing,, lots of testing. As he apparently is out of scantily clad females he instead used himself as the guinea pig, and (don’t worry, he doesn’t take anything off, it’s work safe) he shows you just how waterproof these notepads are.

It made me think that these are really great, not just for the simple task of taking notes at an F1 race (someday), but for people out in the field working in environments, that, well maybe aren’t the most favorable.

I really think there are a number of great places to use this, so here are a few:

Scientists in the rain forests (duh)

The -10 degree cooler at the lab (regular paper just dies)water proof paper grid

Anywhere humidity is a big factor and note taking is a key factor (hmm, maybe in the ball humidor at Coors field?)

Best of all at Rite in the Rain, they’ve got particular products set up for everything from hunting and fishing to military to public safety.

Best of all, a bunch of crazy patterns for that grid or line type you need to do your job.

Thanks Ben at the Consumerist

Rite in the Rain

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