OCZ Trifecta a multi-tasker



OCZ Technology has been releasing its fair share of innovative and ultra-high performance memory products in the past, and this time the OCZ Trifecta SD card series has come under the spotlight, offering a unique three-in-one solution for those who deal with a myriad of devices. What makes the OCZ Trifecta SD card stand out from the rest is its form factor – it acts as a standard SD card to cater for devices such as digital cameras and digital video camcorders, but for smaller devices such as newer cellphones and portable media players, a microSD card is required and the OCZ Trifecta easily fills this need by removing the microSD portion of the card. Whenever you need to transfer data to a computer or are in need of an impromptu USB flash drive, just remove the bottom part of the OCZ Trifecta to reveal a USB connector and plug it into any available USB port.

I suppose for consumers carrying a myriad of devices with them these days, it would be better to get a comprehensive solution such as this instead of fumbling around with different memory card formats. Of course, the downside would be mixing up the data inside a single card assuming you plug it into multiple devices throughout the day, but chances are most people will pick one up for its ease of use when it boils down to data transfer.

Interested parties will be able to pick up the OCZ Trifecta range of memory cards in 1GB and 2GB capacities, where each card come with a read speed of 66x. Every purchase comes backed with a 5 year warranty, by which that time the standard SD card would have become a legacy device and SDHC cards take over the world as the de facto standard.

Source: Tweaktown

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