So here’s the tablet PC decision,,,,

by Fred

You may remember a bit ago I blogged about a hunt for a Tablet PC. Well, the hunt is complete.Toshiba Tablet Pc winner

Thanks mostly in part to a commenter we’ll refer to as -dOc, turned us on to John Hill (the CEO) and his site Allegiance Technology Partners. All they sell are pen based, mobile, and tablet machines. He really knows his stuff and is easy to work with.

They have all the big labels, and a few of the smaller ones at their beck and call (have you ever heard of Sahara?!).

After numerous (and likely annoying) phone calls and emails on my part, John, (and please welcome their newest sales associate Hal)Allegiance Technology Partners logo helped me through the decision process.

Well, remember how I’d read some reviews, and thrown out the Toshiba from the start,,,, well,,, mmmm, this crow is yummy,,,,, I went with the Toshiba. Keep in mind I have some very particular needs (graphical powerhouse, high resolution, power for 3d modeling, tablet/drawing ability, and a need for CD/DVD use while on the go).

The final resolution came down to the Toshiba Protege M400 it was more or less a tie between the Fujitsu 4215 and the Toshiba, but I let John break the tie, because well,, I was already getting the darn thing and the costs were so similar that well, it was silly not to listen to someone that’s going to benefit the same either way. At some point, you do have to trust the pros.

At this point, someone will likely look to say I’m too trusting. Well, no. That’s simply not the case.

The real truth will be rapidly apparent when the machine arrives, I load it with software and start working on it. (don’t worry, I’ll give you all the fun unboxing shots too).

Next we’ll go through the process of loading a clean machine and see where that gets us!

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d0c Says: March 31, 2007 at 10:26 am

Well a whole-hearted crongrats to you, my fellow Allegiance M400 brethren! I just know your going to be stoked with the choice you made.

Along with having 3D modeling as the primary intended usage in common, it seems we are both working on a similar set up agenda, with a clean install being on the top of the new machine check list.

I guess we’ll have to compare notes.

George Says: August 31, 2007 at 9:51 am

So, uhm, the last we heard you had decided and ordered…
(I just found your posts today) but we see no continuation. No descriptive narrative toughting the machines beatitudes, no harrassing dialog lamenting the purchase due to tablets deficiencies or manufactures tricks and tactics, not even the promised”christmas Morning” box opening shots.
What gives? Did you become so disgusted that you gave up computing entirely? Or have you just been working the tablet 24/7 and not bothering with any online distractions?
I’m in the same usage definitions boat – told the PC guru i talked to that I want to be able to draw and design while listening to music in the shower – even.
Speak up man!

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