Night vision goggles now showing in color


colorpath-goggles.jpgMost of us have grown up watching more than enough war and science fiction movies to know that night vision images are often seen as an eclectic mix of green and black. Tenebraex has upped the ante by developing a pair of goggles that help both soldiers and physicians to see an entire spectrum of colors at night – a vast improvement over what is currently available in the market. These goggles will be made available to the Army for approximately $6,000 a pop, making it out of reach for the average Joe.

What sets this special goggles apart from the rest is the use of a standard, green image intensifier tube that creates a true, full-color image for the user. Since the system uses a mechanical and filter-based system with no computer in the llop, it is unaffected by temperature when rendering images in real-tie. In addition, it consumes very little power and costs relatively cheap when compared to traditional night vision solutions. As long as the light levels remain somewhere in the region of a quarter-moon and above, the night vision goggles will be able to generate color images. Should light levels fall below that, you can always twist the knob and switch over to the standard, monochromatic green night vision device that is in use today.

Hopefully when these reach the front lines in a battlefield, the effectiveness of the soldiers will increase especially from dusk onwards. I suppose Army medical officers will be the recipients of these goggles since ordinary night vision systems can’t tell the difference between blood and water. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an affordable, commercial version to be released.

Source: Roland Piquepaille’s Technology Trends

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