Home Joule checks on power usage


home-joule.jpgThose living in the Big Apple will definitely fall in love with the Home Joule device. What does it do exactly, you ask? For starters, all you need to do is plug it into any available wall outlet and turn it on. The device features both Demand Response Event Notification and Peak Load Advisory Notification to all current New York City residents and businesses, displaying a green glow when there is plenty of power available and turning to red whenever power demand is critical and supply is running at a dangerous level. Whenever you reduce your power demand when the electric grid is under stress, you will be able to receive some cash payments for this green commitment since energy prices fluctuate by the hour.

Even if you don’t reside in New York City, you can still pick up the Home Joule device and use it to save a few dollars each month. After all, everybody pays different rates at different times of the day during each season, so why not use the Home Joule to check out which is the best time to fire up those power hungry appliances at the cheapest rate? Those extra dollars saved will actually add up over the years to a sizeable amount.

I guess with this, leaving your PlayStation 3 on the whole night long to process some cure for an obscure disease somewhere in the world is no longer such an altruistic move on your part, as you could end up with a killer power bill at the end of the month. All in all, the Home Joule device is pretty interesting on its own and is currently available for testing by members of the press. I wonder if that invitation is extended to the less formal press outlets such as tech blogs and the ilk.

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