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visual-planet.jpgYou’re a store owner and would love to attract customers even while you’re not around – what are the options that you have up your sleeve? For starters, there is always the Internet where you get to design your very own virtual store, but what happens if you don’t sell products online, leaving not much content except that of your opening and closing hours as well as the occasional sale announcement? You would be surprised to see how many people actually walk by your store up till the wee hours of the morning, and these people are the very ones that your online presence would have missed. Visual Planet has a solution to this dilemma in the form of a holographic touchscreen that aims to attract the attention of anyone walking by, regardless of whether the store is open or not.

This unique screen does more than play the usual mix of advertisements that consumers are sick of, instead it offers a new world of interactivity by boasting a touchscreen interface. This means potential clients will now be able to look through your product catalog, upcoming sales information, product reviews, and basically any other promotional ideas you can think of by using their fingers to manipulate the screen. You don’t have to worry about vandalism since all the components are hidden safely behind this transparent interactive display.

A wide range of screens are available from Visual Planet, so you’ll have to pick one that suits your budget and advertising needs. These work great at night and equally well during the daytime as picture quality is maintained even under high ambient light conditions. Pricing details are currently unknown, so you’ll have to inquire within for more information.

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