Block Wi Fi with Paint!


wifi paint

If you’re bothered about the security (or lack there of) of your Wi Fi connection you’ll soon be able to paint a solution thanks to EM-SEC Technologies Wi Fi blocking paint.

The paints is said to block various electromagnetic transmissions so along with Wi Fi it could also be used to block mobile phones. As well as the obvious security and social benefits (no more annoying crazy frog ring tones in the middle of a movie), it could also be great for pranks, imagine a mate trying to troubleshoot his Wi-Fi connection after you helped him decorate.

Full press release over at EM-SEC Technologies, found via Nerd Approved, thanks Jeff.

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Sean Fallon Says: March 24, 2007 at 8:52 am

Thanks Al. The whole movie theater application would be especially useful. I would rather the paint block incoming calls than have Sydney Pollack and Cingular telling me what to do.

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