Bluedot Divita BDM-100S a great organizing tool


bluedot-divita.jpgMany of us have amassed for ourselves a pretty respectable amount of optical discs over the years, and unless our living rooms and homes have expanded along with our collection, we would start to feel claustrophobic being surrounded by all these shiny, round, things. Of course, this situation is not helped by the fact that along the way we also picked up tons of other CDs and DVDs that cater for our software and gaming sessions, leaving a veritable mess to manage. Fear not – the BlueDot Divita BDM-100S is here to save the day.

This high-end DVD and CD storage tower comes in a polished metal exterior that is capable of storing up to a century of your precious optical discs. The discs stored inside can be retrieved by simply keying in the index number on the attached number pad after following the instructions displayed on the 1.8″ color TFT display. At 7kg, the Divita BDM-100S isn’t exactly too heavy to relocate when you’re doing your spring cleaning, and offers a stable weight so it won’t be toppled over all too easily. One gripe would be indexing your disc collection via the numeric keypad since there is no computer software to help you out.

With downloadable content being the way forward, do you think that it is wise investing nearly half a grand on what is a glorified disc storage system? Sure, it makes it much easier to index your entire collection, but that can be done manually in rack upon rack of discs assuming you have the real estate space to spare. If not, there is always the alternative of digitizing your entire media library on a couple of external hard drives, pack up the original discs in a box, and stash it away in the deepest recesses of your storeroom.

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