The Aerosoarer, a super tiny RC plane for indoors!

by Fred

Here’s a SWEET RC airplane for indoor use from Tomitech in Japan.aerosoarer

I want one bad! (plus it looks to be around $19USD at Play Asia).

Let’ just do it this way,, here’s the video.

It’s powered in the same way as the PicooZ and it’s ilk, in other words, the main batteries are stored in the radio, (that kinda looks like crap).  It’s plugged into the radio and charges what’s likely a lithium polymer or other small high capacity battery (or capacitor) and off you fly!

It looks like a ton of fun, (unless you don’t like flying planes inside your own home).

Here’s the Manufacturer’s page for Tomitech I’, pretty horrible at reading Japanese, but maybe you aren’t!

Thanks Oh Gizmo

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Robert Says: March 22, 2007 at 3:15 pm

Yes, it sure looks cool. I couldn’t resist ordering one as I wrote about the Aero Soarer on my blog earlier today. 🙂

Now I just have to hope it will arrive here in Sweden in one piece. I’m so much looking forward to try it out…

ANGELUS Says: April 19, 2007 at 4:55 pm

A good web for hacking the Tomitech cars ;-D

(I recomend to use for translate).

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