Beer Opening Talking Homer Fridge Magnet


Homer Beer Opener

Watch Simpsons ….. check
Like beer ….. check
Next gadget ….. Talking Homer Fridge Magnet.

This is a must have, for all beer loving fans of The Simpsons.

Slap on the 26 cm tall Homer head on your fridge and he will comment with random frases like: “Do you drink that brand? I’m not even desperate enough to drink that stuff.”
“Hurry up and drink, that bottle’s not gonna empty itself! Unless you fall down and spill it.”
“Hey, excuse me, but I’ve noticed you’ve fallen behind in your drinking.”
“That better not be the last one ‘cos I’m still thirsty!”
“Hey buddy…mind if I lick that cap!”
everytime you open a bottle on the opener mounted at the bottom of his neck.

Available at for DKK 259,00 (~50 USD)

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